Carmena Saturna Remix Contest to Benefit Darkest Before Dawn

I:Scintilla Remix Contest

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The five finalists for the Remix Contest have been selected: Digital Shadows, Skyline, Tragic Impulse, Axon Rise, and Restriction 9. Each finalist's remix is now available as part of a "Carmena Saturna Remix Contest" release via BandCamp.

Fans (and all philanthropists) can “vote” by purchasing their favorite remix[es] for $1.00 USD or more. The track that generates the most income by Friday, August 10, 2018 is the winner. For those that would like to purchase the entire release without casting a specific vote, there is an option to purchase all five tracks for $5.00 USD or more. All sales generated by the remix contest (minus BandCamp fees) will be donated to Darkest Before Dawn.